S SBAR report to clinician about a clinical obstetric situation Situation I am calling about (woman s name): Ward: Hosp No: The problem I am calling about is: I have just made an assessment: The vital
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What's going on guys it's your boy Brad and I'm back with another video before I get into this video make sure you hit that subscribe button down below if you haven't already I'm putting out videos every week trying to help you guys obtain your dream of becoming a registered nurse enjoy the video this video is primarily geared towards my nursing students if you've been in nursing school for at least one semester you're aware of what sbar stands for right situation background assessment and report this is primarily used by nurses whatever they're calling physicians I need to give their the the doctor a quick run down to the patient's situation if they need a new lab order a new med order whatever it might be and it's also primarily used for schiffreport for the oncoming nurse you want to give this oncoming nurse an idea of this patient situation what's going on with them and how best to care for them what the plan is for this the next 12 hours so in this video what I want to do is I don't really want to focus on what would fall under situation and what would fall under background that's kind of something that they they try and teach you in nursing school but that's not really what it is in the real world in the real world you're just given a report okay and you kind of already have it in your mind of what situation and background and the assessment and all of that stuff so if you've been in nursing school for at least a semester you probably have undergone a clinical rotation you have an idea of what report sounds like this video just to give you a better idea of how to give report and what you can really expect to hear whenever you're receiving report so that you're better prepared to take notes and get going in your clinical day so this is just gonna be a for example here and I'm just kind of rattling off the top of my head so bear with me got a 52 year old male came in yesterday he had sustained a gunshot wound to the chest and diagnostic testing revealed that he had suffered a pneumothorax as well he went and had surgery at about 11 o'clock today and had a chest tube inserted to correct the pneumothorax he has come up onto the unit and whenever he came up he had seemed to be tolerating you know coming off of anesthesia well whenever I listened to him I could hear some wheezing and latterly in the upper lobes and the lung sound a little bit diminished in the lower lobes he was satting his o2 SATs are about 95 96 percent on two liters of oxygen via nasal cannula patient has an IV in the right AC running normal saline at 125 milliliters an hour patient lost about 350 cc's of blood during the surgery he's been receiving fluid for placement to correct the issue hasn't been experiencing any hypovolemia or fluid volume deficits at this time patient's bter lovenox and SCDS patients last bowel movement was two days ago of course the patient's biggest complaint is pain so our patient has morphine and dilaudid both on board both PRN the morphine is q2...